Learn How Short-Term

Medical Can Ease Your

Transition and Your


Short Term Medical Insurance:

Short Term Medical can "bridge the gaps" in health insurance coverage if:

• You've lost coverage through recent job or life changes;
• You're a student or graduate no longer eligible for coverage under your parents' plan;
• You're a seasonal worker;
• You've retired and are waiting for Medicare eligibility.

College Benefits Group, LLC, offers individual Short-Term Medical in Connecticut only, but if you are with a college or university in another state and you would like to review Short-Term Medical benefit opportunities for your institution please contact College Benefits Group, LLC, at (860) 429-9000.


Important Note: If you have had any medical history that could reoccur, this could be a problem and we suggest your investigating continuation or conversion provisions (called "COBRA") that might be available if you were recently covered by an employer's group plan, because that plan would usually cover pre-existing conditions. Those plans usually give you 60 days from termination to decide whether to continue coverage. You must confirm these details with that employer.