Benefits Database Management:

At the center of a successful benefits administrative and communications endeavor is an effective database management system.

College Benefits Group, LLC can create, build, and manage a proprietary benefits database management system that would be housed on our firm’s HIPAA/HITECH compliant server, or in the Cloud on a HIPAA/HITECH compliant server.

College Benefits Group’s database management system would function as a benefits administrative management tool and conduit for benefits communications. The database benefits management services would include, but are not limited to:

• Refining and managing data capture processes and protocols
• Manual data input by CBG’s database administration team
• Creating data reports based on data captured in CBG’s database system
• Building and managing benefits data in a fluid data system
• Building and managing employee data for underwriting purposes
• Managing benefits data for fiduciary and accounting processes

Benefits Administration Customized: The preceding information is only a general outline of the services that College Benefits Group, LLC can offer its clients. We recognize that each potential client is unique in its benefits management needs. We will customize each proposal based on the actual overall needs of each client, and based on the core services that we offer each client.