Benefits Administration:

Over the last few years employee benefits management has become even more complex, creating a larger burden for benefits administrators in many organizations. Human resource directors and chief financial officers are tasked with taking on more and more of the day-to-day administrative management of these multi-level employee benefits plans and at the same time keeping up with state and federal regulatory and compliance mandates.

Today organizations are faced with the challenge of either keeping the day-to-day benefits management in-house or finding a capable outside partner that will meet their benefits management needs. College Benefits Group, LLC has made this challenge even simpler with our benefits management service model.

Our groups of highly experienced professionals take into account a bigger picture approach when developing an effective benefits management endeavor. We look at our clients’ past for insight, their present for structure, and their future needs for expansion.

We recognize that each benefits opportunity offered to us is unique and needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. At the core of our benefits management service is our benefits management system, which consists of ongoing benefits administration, benefits communications, and database management.

We administer your employee benefits plans as your satellite benefits office, and our team of highly experienced benefits professionals becomes your benefits manager.

Ongoing Benefits Administration Services
Your valuable employees now have access to experienced benefits professionals who will work with them on their ongoing benefits needs. If your employees have difficulty with a claim, understanding their benefits eligibility, of just want to expand their benefits knowledge, they will now have a qualified professional with whom they can discuss their concerns.

Benefits Network: A valuable aspect of College Benefits Group’s benefits management system is our benefits network.Our benefits network consists of well-established and trusted relationships with benefits professionals that include, but are not limited to, self-funded administrators, compliance professionals, third-party administrations, healthcare service providers, and a host of other benefits organizations that can strengthen any benefits management undertaking.

Compliance: HIPAA-HITECH regulation, ERISA form 5500, and COBRA are only a few of the benefits compliance concerns that need to be addressed by any organization on a regular basis. College Benefits Group, LLC will act as a conduit to compliance information and professionals who can provide the right service at the right time to keep any organization’s state and federal regulatory and compliance mandates up to date.

Benefits Administration Customized: The preceding information is only a general outline of the services that College Benefits Group, LLC can offer its clients. We recognize that each potential client is unique in its benefits management needs. We will customize each proposal based on the actual overall needs of each client, and based on the core services that we offer each client.