About College Benefits Group:

Since 1965, the officers and staff at College Benefits Group, LLC have been dedicated to simplifying and streamlining the complexity of benefits management for our clients. Our extensive benefits experience has revealed that there are three important functions that need to be considered when managing any effective benefits plan: ongoing benefits administration, benefits communications, and database management. These three functions work in balance with each other to create our successful benefits management system.   

In 1965, our company’s growth started with a simple voluntary life insurance benefits plan underwritten for the employees of the University of Connecticut. Since this plan was one of the first of its type in higher education, it required a new and much broader benefits management endeavor.

From the beginning at UConn we had to effectively manage ongoing benefits administration, benefits communications, and database management for the plan to succeed. This first simple voluntary plan has grown over the years into other more complex benefits plans that continue to meet the needs of our UConn client and its employees.

In 1975, our benefits management system was introduced to the world of higher education consortia. Our benefits management structure was a perfect fit with the collaborative needs of our college and university consortia clients. Our ongoing benefits administrative services, benefits communications, and database management now were offered through consortia to serve an even larger national client base.

In 1990, we developed our first generation of an expanded database management system to address the ever increasing complexity of the accounting and fiduciary processes that are necessary for the successful ongoing management of our clients’ benefits plans.

In 2005, we established a sophisticated benefits communications and publishing division that would continue to meet the ever more complex benefits communications needs of our clients.

Today, our company has grown into a service organization that understands that ongoing benefits administration, benefits communications, and database management are the key to a successful benefits management endeavor for companies, institutions, associations, and consortia.

Robert Minearo
Managing Director
College Benefits Group, LLC
(860) 429-9000